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It was a hard cycle today, with lots of hard uphill cycling - and fun downhills! We saw lots of churches, and heard lots of church bells. Along the way, we bought some baguettes and then had a game of tig, which ended in an argument and a rap battle! As we cycled past a shop called Le Fly Kebabs, we planned a better rap that we sang outside the campsite.


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The campsite was quite far away from the cycle path, but it was a great campsite. Although it wasn't very large, there was a hammock, a small swimming pool, a shop, and an area to play football. There were some friendly French kids that we played with, and there was a huge dog that was actually quite friendly. We slept to the sound of crickets and woke to the sound of cockerels, birds and church bells. This was most people's favourite campsite so far.


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We were supposed to stop further back, but we pressed on and did 18 miles. It was hard to get used to cycling on the right hand side, but we got used to it. We arrived at Neufchatel-en-Bray and waited for the cars to get back. Once they came, we pitched our tents, played football, and played with nerf guns.


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We have just got off from the massive ferry at Dieppe, which took 4 hours from Brighton! There was a cliff next to the bay, which was very cool. We then drove down to the car park to begin our cycle journey, where Selfies and group pictures were taken! (This took a while...)


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Second campsite

This is our new (second) campsite

First me,Taran,harvey,travis and the campsite owners sun, who was called jules, played a football match the score was 8.8 it was fun. Then all the kids went swimming in the pool. We all love the campsite.


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