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Annecy. Roddy

Annecy is very easy place to holiday. Diving platforms Lidl cool at night blue skies by day breeze and 24 degree water cycle paths no mozzies!! campsite quiet at night english children at playground.


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At Annecy...Roddy

Went sailing yesterday on the trusty but dilapidated Topper. Bits of string for sheets and halyards. Good wind in lame with backup from Taran on kayak. Its v relaxing here. Cyclists everywhere forming snaking queues to get to Annecy. Kirsty arrived yesterday and went to shop and bought 6 teaspoons and a salad stirrer and paying an extortionate price for a hire car. Everyone well and taking it easy after our Paris challenge.


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The cycle path was harder this time, going along roads and with large hills. We stopped at a nice picnic area to eat our lunch, and then we played a werewolf game. We carried on cycling, and, after lots of hard work, eventually reached the campsite.




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We stopped here, and decided to do a bit more cycling so we didn't have to do it tomorrow. We then went to bed, and in the morning we had a big game of football, adults vs kids. (The kids won 4-1). Shortly after that, we got back on our bikes for another day of cycling.


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